Ningbo Hengrun Plastic machinery Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1963 is an enterprise under Ningbo Fubang Group-one of the top 500 enterprises in China. It’s predecessor is Ningbo Plastic Machinery General Plant. The company which occupies an area of more than 100.000m2 and has the title of “National Grade II Enterprise” is a large-scale enterprise specialized in production of plastic injection moulding machine in China.
The company has introduced modern enterprise management concept based on the equipment advantages of large-scale state- production .To the present. The company has formed the integral computer network system design to management, and it possesses more than 200 various precision machine tools for provessing and full set of heat treatment equipment. It can design and manufacture large. Medium and small- sized injection molding machines with the mould clamping force 550-25000Kn and the shot weight amount of 40-30000g . The fulll process from designe to production and operation is guaranteed by ISO9001 intermational quality management system .and Europe CE safety certification has been passed.
Main products of Hengrun: HR classical split flow pump. Prccision enery saving machine. Characteristic special machines (there are three major series and more than ten small series anf hundereds of specifications). The machine has such advantages as reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy saving, stable performance and long service life.